Are you planning to rent inflatable water slides for an upcoming party? Hiring a wonderful inflatable slide can be the key to making your event a huge hit. But are you confused about the ways to find water slides which cater to all your entertainment needs? Keeping in mind a few vital aspects during the selection process is all that you need to do for making an informed decision!

Inflatable Slide Hire in Surrey

Whether it’s a garden party, a school picnic or a community event, hiring fun rides can make a huge difference to your event. Children can go crazy on these fun rides for all day and night during their summer holidays but what makes inflatable slide hire in Sussex more popular is that they are loved by both adults and kids. But with the availability of a plethora of inflatables, how do you choose one which fulfils all your requirements?

Here’re a few vital factors you must keep in mind when hiring an inflatable slide!

4 Factors to Consider When Renting an Inflatable Slide in London

  1. Choose a Reputed Rental Company

When it comes to hiring inflatables, this should be your first and foremost consideration, you need to look for a reliable company which specialises in inflatable slide rentals. Check if the company you are hiring has the right license and insurance, furthermore ensure the company you are planning to hire has a proven record of offering inflatable slide hire in Kent and enjoys positive reviews online.

  1. Determine The Size

Consider checking the dimensions of the inflatable slide when going through the website of the company. Since every inflatable unit requires a flat and big space, you need to measure the available space in the venue first. Clean up a setup area for your fun ride and ensure it’s a flat area with no stumps and stones for obstructions. Depending on the space available, a good inflatable rental company can even advise you on the size to opt for.

  1. Consider The Electricity & Water Supply

Another factor you must consider when renting inflatable slide in London is to ensure you have a reliable power source and water source for the inflatable slide. If you choose to set it up in your back garden, a power outlet from your house and a garden hose can be good enough. But if you are planning to set it up in a public park where no power is available, look for suppliers who can arrange water and electricity supply.

  1. Prioritise on Safe Setup

No matter whether your venue has a hard surface floor or a soft ground, let the inflatable rental company know where you are planning to set – up the inflatable slide. The huge inflatable water slide will be secured with multiple sandbags or long steel stakes. Make sure ropes or straps which run diagonally up to the top are tied off to large stacks on both sides for preventing tip – over.

Opting for inflatable slide hire in Surrey can be the key to make your upcoming event much more exciting and thrilling. So what are you still here for ? Time to choose from the widest selection of inflatable slide rentals!

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