If you are planning to host some urban event like a birthday party, anniversary or festival, the easiest way to keep your guests entertained is by setting up a funfair. Include some rides, sideshows, and other amusements and making your funfair enjoyable will become easier. They are the best attractions you can add to your event for people of every age. The idea of fun has changed drastically with the progress of modernisation. What types of rides you should include in your funfair is largely dependent on the age group of your guests.

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4 Rides You Can Include In Your Funfair In London

  • Carousels

This is a ubiquitous amusement ride seen in almost every funfair in London. Wooden chariots and animals are fixed to a circular floor suspended from a pole. They are manually operated by an operator. The riders pitch up and down in the amusement ride like they are on a sea. Hire small carousels if you want kids to ride those on their own. Galloping horses are the most common cartoon characters used in carousels as they don’t scare kids.

  • Dodgems

One of the primary benefits of opting for Dodgems hire in London is that they are available in various sizes. They are also known as bumper cars and are enjoyed by people of every age. If you want to create the ultimate dodgem experience in your funfair, make sure you choose the right rental company. They will let you choose from various track sizes and quantity of cars. You can either opt for the classic dodgems for hire the high-octane modern dodgems filled with sounds and lights.

  • Inflatable

If you are willing to include some safe and entertaining rides in your funfair, look for a renowned company offering inflatable bouncy castles or competitive inflatable obstacle course on hire. You can create a customised professional-looking funfair and make them more appealing wit carnival themed decorations. They are easy to set up and breakdown. Consider the age of the people expected to attend the event and you can choose the ideal shape and size of the inflatable you are hiring.

  • Roller Coasters

Since kids love the thrill offered by a roller coaster ride, including them in your funfair is indeed a cool idea. They are getting faster and bigger with the advancement in technology which is making them more entertaining. Approach a renowned company offering high-quality and safe roller coasters if you want to stay away from serious injuries caused due to crashes. They are available in various sizes to suit your small and large scale outdoor events.

Time to include one or all the rides stated above in your funfair and enhancing the enjoyment quotient of your event will become easier.

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