Irrespective of whether someone wants to admit it or not, the fact remains that everyone likes to take a ride on children’s rides at funfairs. Whether the person is physically fit to go for such a ride is a completely different issue though! It is much better to leave the enjoyment of taking the rides to the children, as they are the ones for whom the rides were designed. For the grown-ups, the way to get some enjoyment out of these rides is to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce the olden days when they used to take the rides themselves. If you are having trouble remembering what some of the children’s ride hires in London were back in your day, here is a list of some of the most enjoyable and time-tested rides that are relevant even today.

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Here are Some of the Classic Children’s Rides You Can See at Funfairs

  • Ferris Wheel

This one is a classic and its popularity has not seemed to wane over the years, there can hardly be any other ride that is as simple and yet so capable of providing entertainment for children. There is a very high possibility that you must have been on this ride at least once when you were little. The popularity of the Ferris wheel has continued to this day and this is one of the few rides which are available for adults as well. If you are in the mood for some mild rush of adrenaline, you can take a ride in the adult version of this classic ride.

  • Dodgems

Another classic ride that you can think about is known as dodgems or bumping cars. These rides were surely a favourite for anyone who even laid eyes on them let alone had the good fortune of getting on them. What you are basically expected to do is to get in a small ‘car’ and drive your car into other cars that are inside the pit. Even for adults this is an exhilarating concept, as you get a chance to do something which will have you in a lot of trouble if you did it in real life. This is another ride that has managed to hold on to its popularity over the years.

  • Roller Coasters

Now for the best ride (in most people’s opinion) in the form of the roller coaster! While you are not going to spot a coaster in small scale funfairs, you can find them in some of the larger ones. You can of course, organise a funfair yourself and hire children’s rides in London and include the roller coaster in them. You can be sure that the kids are going to have a fantastic time when they go onto the ride. These are some of the best children’s rides and the thing about them is that they have withstood the test of time.

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