A unique feature of bumper cars or dodgems is that they are liked by both adults and kids. Bumper car rides were first introduced by a company named Dodgem and so the ride is also known as dodgem. They are popular, iconic and hiring them won’t punch a hole in your pocket. Hire one for your funfair and your visitors can unleash their energy in an unpredictable way. It is not just about funfairs, dodgems are equally popular in indoor fun venues and amusement parks. The earliest version of bumper cars were completely different from the ones we ride nowadays. There are even a few amusing facts about these rides which will surprise you.

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Few Unique Facts About Dodgems You Will Love Reading

  • “The Traditional Bumper Cars Were Expected Not To Collide With Each Other”

The primary objective of everyone riding a dodgem nowadays is on ramming into other riders harder and more frequently. The unpredictable movements of the cars when they collide with other cars made the ride more exciting. This was not what people riding traditional bumper cars were supposed to do.  The focus of the riders was to prevent collisions. In Russia, adults colliding their bumper cars were made to cease their ride immediately as a penalty.

  • “The First Bumper Cars Often Fell Apart”

One of the primary reasons why people riding the first bumper cars were asked to avoid a collision was because there was a higher chance for them to fall apart. The ride was more like a game of collision avoidance. They easily fell apart upon impact. On collision, the bumper car would ramp into the sides of the ride and starting it again become a daunting task for the rider. After the ride was closed at the end of the day, someone had to nail back the cars together.

  • “Its Popularity Enhanced More Than Expectations”

The lack of proper steering was one of the primary reasons why people thought that the ride was unmanageable and won’t be quite popular. Over time, bumper cars became more advanced and the ride became more thrilling and unforgettable for both adults and children. If you are also willing to enhance the enjoyment quotient of your funfair, get in touch with a reputed company offering dodgems hire in London and make the most of this popular ride.

  • “The First Bumper Cars Were Not Driveable”

Though the first bumper cars were designed for both adults and children, they were not driveable. They had steering wheels and the car vaguely moved in the direction the driver used to move the steering. The steering was relative. Nowadays, the ability to drive dodgems has become a part of their appeal. The riderdrives the car to direct it towards other participants. The collision spins the car across the room and the unpredictable spin is a vital part of the fun.

These being said, it’s time you start looking for a reputed company offering dodgems on hire.

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