The easiest way to expose the inner child hidden in almost every adult is by hiring a carousel in London so that you can set it up in your funfair. They have been inspiring children’s imagination for years and this is why the number of people admiring them is still quite huge. As the graceful horses whirl by, people of every age group can experience the magic of the carousel. If you are willing to enhance the enjoyment quotient of your funfair, just get in touch with a reliable company offering carousel hire in and around Kent and you will get to choose from numerous full – size carousel horses.

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The History of Carousel Horses

Carnival rides are nothing new in London as they have been around for years and have gained much popularity during the 1900s. Till now, numerous artisans are engaged in building huge machines with magical and elaborate animals like horses. The idea of chariots derived from plain benches which traditional craftsman adorned with their skills and experience. Nowadays, the focus of almost every company offering carousel hire in Kent is primarily on offering appealing horses which can enhance the interest of both children and adults.

Various Versions of Carousel Horses

The basic difference between the European versions of carousel and the American versions is that the former comprises of static animals which stood still, while the focus of the latter was to render the horses with character, spirit and life. These animals were not just some meekly standing animals but were crafted and fitted in such a way so that it felt like they were tossing their head, prancing proudly and their manes were flowing behind them as they were running through the wind. All these helped in making the horses feel alive and they became more magical.

Carousel Horses and Real Horses

According to a survey conducted a few years back, people enjoy riding a carousel horse more than the real horses. This is generally because they still have clear memories of enjoying this magical ride every time they visited an expensive theme park or a county fair. Not only does the animal’s movement feel real but that its speed also creates an illusion of flying. You can enjoy the ride completely without worrying about the direction in which the horse is running. Though riding a real horse across the countryside is equally enjoyable, opting for carousel hire in London will let you feel similar magic without worrying about the cost of buying a horse.

Ride Technically Advanced Carousel Horses

With the passage of time, the materials used to craft these carousel horses have also become quite advanced. The modern ones are made using resins and plastic which enhances their visual appeal and makes them sturdier. There are a few companies in London offering carousel on hire and prefer giving a new life to those antique horses by careful restoration. This not only helps in preserving the art of carving traditional carousel horses but also let you hire those at the most affordable prices.

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