April 2017

A fun day was had by all recently at the Glyne Gap Funfair in Bexhill on Sea. Here’s a few Facebook posts and images from visitors attending the fair. As you can see our funfairs appeal to all family members of all ages.

Fun on the Extreme at Bexhill on Sea😄

Posted by M&L Pleasure Fairs on Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Kate Sole One of many …..kids had a fab time (as did us adults 😊😊)

These guys had fun today. Thank you Benson’s M&L Pleasure Fairs 👌👌

Joanne Rogers Devlia If someone had taken one of me on the ski jump yesterday they would have seen me screaming!!! Great fun but I thought I may die of a heart attack!!!!

Krystal Benge – Looks fab down there one of the most impressive fairs i’ve seen for years.

Benson’s M&L Pleasure Fairs – Ha that’s great feedback thanks we put in 100% and aim to please to get good feedback 😊👍 And very happy satisfied customers of course!! – Sent by Lillian Benson

Krystal – That I’m sure your Definitely getting…. I have never allowed my children to go to fairs as never knew how safe they were but yours has Definitely caught our eye. I hope you get the new venue and I shall be there. Thank you again.

Benson’s M&L Pleasure Fairs – Your very welcome 👍Hope to see you soon ! – Sent by Lillian

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