When it comes to school, one of the most exciting events is a fun fair or a carnival, students wait for months for the carnival to enjoy all the different fun activities from music, inflatable slide London, foods – these are the activities that the children wait for all through the year. It is a fantastic opportunity to bring the entire community together in the true spirit of fun and enjoyment, it really is the most positive and encouraging event of the entire year. On the other hand it can be really challenging in terms of taking care of all the nitty – gritty, detailing and logistics to be worked out. To make the event a grand success while not putting much pressure on a single person, it will be good to establish a school carnival committee at the onset. It gives the committee enough time to plan and explore better opportunities to make the event successful.

Before you take necessary steps, pause for a while and decide your goals. Do you want to raise funds or just want to arrange an annual community event? Knowing your goal helps you make wise decisions regarding entry fees, food costs, rides prices etc. The most essential factor to ensure the grand success for the event is to know the number of people attending the carnival. If this is a regular annual event, you can use the previous year’s list of attendees as a trustworthy guideline to estimate how much you can spend on games, prizes, activities, inflatable slide hire Sussex and food. You can sell wristbands or tickets for the activities depending on the amount of money you want to raise, and also how much the school wants to spend in order to give the attendees including the students a feel good factor about the event.

Nevertheless, here are some of the most essential things that should be taken care of to make the event successful.

  • Venue and Time – Since this is a school fair, you can use the school ground to save money on hiring a venue like a city park. Keep a concept of ‘rain date’ when it comes to choosing the date, so if something inevitable happens you can change the date.
  • Activities – Inflatable rides are one of the key attractions of a school carnival although inflatable slide hire Kent can be a bit expensive. You can look for sponsorship from local businesses and ask the children create a banner to thank them for their contribution. You can also bring some colour to the event by bringing good music like a marching band or cheerleaders from local secondary schools. You may want to approach a local radio station to broadcast the event and provide music. Face painting is another great amusement that can be arranged for the children; it won’t cost you much.
  • Safety – The key goal of a carnival is arranging something that allows the children to have fun, also there are plenty of adults to participate in the event too. To ensure safety of the participants (especially when you opt for inflatable slide hire Surrey) you may request Red Cross to send their representatives in an official capacity to take care of the safety aspect of the event. This will also make the attendees feel safe.

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