Traditional Rides...

Childrens Toy Rides, Mini Aeroplanes and Mini Carousels to name but a few…

Great Fun for Everyone

Fun for the whole family with traditional carousels and super fast dodgems….

Chilling Fun

Ghoulish fun is all included with Benson’s M&L Pleasure Fairs……

Super Fast Rides

Guaranteed to get your heart racing…..

Children's Rides

We have rides for children for all ages…

Summer Fun

Time just to laugh and compete with your friends…

About Us

Established in 2003, Benson’s M&L Pleasure Fairs, owned by Mark Benson and his wife, Lillian Shaw, has a strong heritage based on a professional Showman family background.

M&L-Pleasure-Fairs---Historical-Image-V7Mark’s history lies with Benson Fun Fairs with which he continues to remain very much involved. Together with Lillian, he has worked hard to build the M&L Pleasure Fairs brand and they are both very proud of its professional and reliable reputation throughout London and the surrounding areas.

Bringing pleasure to the communities within which they work is of paramount importance to Mark and Lillian and they strive to provide an unrivalled experience for each and every client, fiercely proud of the repeat business they attract and the glowing testimonials regularly received.

Showmens-Guild-MembersThe Showmen’s Guild is the official trade body representing the UK fun fair industry. When the fair arrives in your town, it does so after months of planning and co-operation between various parties. The Showmen’s Guild is there to ensure that its members operate honestly and effectively and that fairs run smoothly and safely for the enjoyment of the general public.

Choosing a fairground operator that is a member of The Showmen’s Guild ensures they carry all the relevant health & safety, insurance and risk assessment certificates and that they adhere to a system of “fair play” that governs the way they do business. Benson’s M&L Pleasure Fairs is proud to be members of the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain.

Benson’s M&L Pleasure Fairs is available for Hire, Corporate Events, Film Work, Shows, Carnivals & Fetes



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